23 January 2011

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur -Nergis Dalal

The author was happened to meet Miss Krishna at an art exhibition. Miss Krishna was about sixty-five, a spry, thin spinster. She spend all her life looking after an ailing mother. She had a younger sister who left home many years ago. The early life of Miss Krishna was one continuous struggle with poverty. She had been starved for the beautiful things.
Once the author invited Miss Krishna to stay with her while Miss Krishna’s house was being painted. Miss Krishna entered with the array of black tin trunks which had always caused for the writers curiosity. The author has found a larger battered leather purse with Miss Krishna, the handles looped over her wrist securely. Miss Krishna had shown her acquisitions to the author those were exquisite, beautiful, polished and jeweled.
One morning the author received news that Miss Krishna was dead of heart attack. Her sister was informed to attend for the funeral. Miss Krishna left everything to the author and also her sister was mentioned as the next beneficiary. But the author did not accept to take the collection of Miss Krishna. She has taken only a litter clock which she had lost three months ago.
Questions with Answers :
1. What was the story of Miss Krishna’s past ?
All the life of Miss Krishna starved of beautiful things. Her early life was one continuous struggle. She was in poverty which she felt as so ugly. Her past life was filled with all those thick coarse sheets on beds, uncarpeted floors, pottery cups and plates and ugly, discarded furniture.
2. Did Miss Krishna make a good guest ? Give reasons for your answer.
No, Miss Krishna did not make a good guest because, her suspicious behaviour with the author always caused for great curiosity. She was and fidgeting about the house, picked up the things and asking questions and caused for the great irritation. She had also insisted for the food as well.
3. What caused Miss Krishna’s stay at the writer’s home to come to an end ?
The author felt it would be impossible to exist even one more day with her under the same roof. One morning she went to Miss Krishna’s cottage which was tidy and clean. The author came back and told Miss Krishna that she could move to her cottage.
4. How did the writer happen to make a shocking discovery about Miss Krishna ?
Miss Krishna seemed spry and full of energy. To the author’s shock one morning the mali came to her and told that Miss Krishna was lying on her bed and had not woken for her morning tea. She hurriedly went to the Miss Krishna with the doctor but Miss Krishna died of a heart attack.
5. How did Maya’s sister first behave with the writer and what could have been the reason for the change in her attitude later ?
Miss Krishna was known by another it was Maya. Sister of Maya told the author that every thing was left to the author. But the author was not ready to accept Maya’s things and asked for the next beneficiary. The author asked Maya’s sister to take something which was a little clock. The sister smiled with a relief. It could have been the reason for the change her attitude later.
6. Why do you think the title ‘connoisseur’ is appropriate for the story ?
The heart of Miss Krishna starved of beautiful things. But she could not afford due to her poverty. She always carried a large battered leather purse, the handles looped over her wrist securely. She could collect valuable things as she came to know how valuable those are. For this reason the title ‘connoisseur’ is appropriate for the story.
1. The Connoisseur – Miss Krishna
2. Miss Krishna has a nervous, slightly frenetic appearance
3. Miss Krishna was about sixty five, a spry, thin spinster
4. Miss Krishna had a younger sister
5. The first meeting between the author and Miss Krishna was made at an art exhibition
6. Miss Krishna had a passion for beautiful things
7. Miss Krishna moved to author’s house with the array of black tin trunks
8. Miss Krishna always carried with her a large battered, leather purse
9. A tiny, exquisite coffee cup was Miss Krishna’s panacea for all ills.
10. The author dined with the Lalls
11. Rina was an old friend of the author
12. The cups shown by Rina were bought in Paris
13. Miss Krishna produced a small Burmese lacquered box for the author
14. Miss Krishna died of a heart attack
15. Miss Krishna was also called as Maya
16. Maya left everything to the author
17. The next beneficiary was Maya’s sister

18. The author wanted to take one thing – a little nine-inch clock