07 April 2010




Kinesics, or body language, is one of the most powerful ways that humans can communicate nonverbally. It is used to portray moods and emotions and to emphasize or contradict what is being said.

Body language is very important. "To effectively communicate it’s not always what you say, but what your body says, that makes the difference,". There are various different types of body movement one can do to come across as being too strong or too weak. For example, when one first walks into the room and shakes hands with the interviewer you want to have good eye contact as well as a good firm hand shake. Not too strong, because you can come across as being a power player. Another important aspect to remember when you are on an interview and that is to mirror your interviewer, but not to the point that you over do it. For example, if the person that is giving you the interview crosses his/her arms than you can cross your arms. If he/she crosses their feet then you should cross your feet, but do it gradually.

The last two things to remember is when you first walk into the office do not cross anything unless the person that is doing the interviewing crosses his or hers first. Next when you are sitting down be relaxed as possible by opening your suit jacket. This shows the person that you are not tensed. The other aspect to remember is to lean forward in your chair, but not to close where you are in the individuals face. If you sit back in your chair you might be sending off signals, such as, aloofness or rejection. Finally, nonverbal communication can also be an effective sale when executives learn to read a client’s body language.